FIXED DEPOSIT A / C 12 Months @ 10% 24 Months @ 11% 36 Months @ 12% 74 Months @ 12%
5000/- 5500/- 6161/- 7025/- 10000/-
10000/- 11000/- 12322/- 14050/- 20000/-
20000/- 22000/- 24644/- 28100/- 40000/-
50000/- 55000/- 61644/- 70246/- 100000/-
100000/- 110000/- 123210/- 140493/- 200000/-


PERIOD Rate of Interest (in %)
12 Months 10
24 Months 11
36 Months 12
More than 36 Months 12
74 Months (Double Plan) 12


We provides Fixed Deposit schemes through only at branch.

We offer different periodicities for deposits ranging between 1 year to 6 years and 2 months with attractive rate of Interest.

Interest calculation will be yearly compound.

Premature Payment of any FDR will charge 2% penalty.

Loan Against FDR also available.


• No TDS is applicable on the interest earned on deposits.
• Offers higher interest

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